Lawata Beach Hotel
Sultan Hasanudin Street, Bima
Phone: (0374) 43696, 43698

Anggrek Losmen
Tente Street, Bima
Phone: (0374) 81084

Kartini Losmen
Sultan Hasanudin Street, Bima
Phone: (0374) 42072

Komodo Wisma
Sultan Ibrahim Street 5, Bima
Phone: (0374) 42070

Lambitu Hotel
Sumbawa Street 19, Bima
Phone: (0374) 42222

Lila Graha Hotel
Lombok Street 20, Bima
Phone: (0374) 42740

Parewa Hotel
Soekarno Hatta Street, Bima
Phone: (0374) 42536

Putra Sari Losmen
Soekarno Hatta Street, Bima
Phone: (0374) 42870


Aty Losmen
Soekarno Hatta Street, Dompu
Phone: (0373) 21360

Kota Baru Wisma
Sonokling Street 8, Dompu
Phone: (0373) 21032

Praja Wisma
Soekarno Hatta Street 26, Dompu
Phone: (0373) 21699

Samada Wisma
Gajah Mada Street 18, Dompu
Phone: (0373) 21417

Manuru Kupang Wisma
Manurubata Street 1, Dompu
Phone: (0373) 21387


Dian Hotel
Hasanudin Street 69,
Sumbawa Besar
Phone: (0371) 21708

Garoto Losmen
Batu Pasar Street 48,
Sumbawa Besar
Phone: (0371) 22062

Harapan Losmen
Dr. Cipto Street 7,
Sumbawa Besar
Phone: (0371) 21629

Indra Losmen
Diponegoro Street 40A, Sumbawa Besar
Phone: (0371) 21629

Amanwana Resort
Moyo Island, Sumbawa
Phone: (0371) 22233

Anda Losmen
Pahlawan Street 14, Sumbawa
Phone: (0372) 91169

Azhar Losmen
Pasar Baru Taiwang, Sumbawa
Phone: (0372) 81079

Baru Losmen
Dr. Wahidin Street 45,
Sumbawa Besar
Phone: (0371) 21533

Dewi Hotel
Hasanudin Street 60, Sumbawa
Phone: (0371) 21170

Saudara Losmen
Hasanudin Street 50,
Sumbawa Besar
Phone: (0371) 21528

Kencana Beach Cottages
Raya Tono Street km. 11, Badas, Sumbawa Besar
Phone: (0371) 22555

Mekar Sari Losmen
Hasanudin Street, Mekarsari 10, Sumbawa
Phone: (0371) 21351


Matahari Inn
Raya Kuta Street, Central Lombok
Phone: (0370) 54832

Rinjani Agung Bungalow & Rest
Raya Kuta Street, Central Lombok
Phone: (0370) 54849

Segara Anak Wisma & Rest
Raya Kuta Street, Central Lombok
Phone: (0370) 54835

Novotel Hotel
Kuta Pujut Village,
Central Lombok
Phone: (0370) 53333

Anda Bungalow & Rest
Raya Kuta Street,
Central Lombok
Phone: (0370) 54836

Cockato Hotel & Resort
Raya Kuta Street, Central Lombok
Phone: (0370) 54830

Dienda Hayu Hotel
Untung Suropati Street 28, Praya, Central Lombok
Phone: (0370) 54319

Kuta Indah Hotel
Raya Kuta Street, Central Lombok
Phone: (0370) 53781

Sekar Kuning Wisma & Rest
Raya Kuta Pujut Street, Central Lombok
Phone: (0370) 54856


Erina Wisma
Pahlawan Street 164, Selong, East Lombok
Phone: (0370) 21297

Munawari Losmen
Kayangan Street, East Lombok
Phone: (0370) 21797

Helwin Penginapan
Raya Gelang Street, km. 4, Selong, East Lombok
Phone: (0370) 22306

H. Radiah Home Stay
Lendang Nangka Masnagik, East Lombok
Phone: (0370) 22298


Pondok Wisata Rinjani
Raya Senggigi Street
Phone: (0370) 93274

Lombok Intan Laguna Hotel
Raya Senggigi Street
Phone: (0370) 93090, 93159

Ida Beach Cottage
Raya Senggigi Street
Phone: (0370) 93013, 9335

Pacific Beach Hotel
Kerandangan, Senggigi
Phone: (0370) 93027, 93306

Bunga Beach Cottage
Klui Beach
Phone: (0370) 93035, 93034

Jayakarta Lombok Hotel
Senggigi Street, km. 4 West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 93045

Panorama Senggigi Hotel
Raya Senggigi Street km. 8, West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 93673

Graha Beach Senggigi
Raya Krandangan Street, Senggigi West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 93101

Senggigi Beach Hotel
Raya Senggigi Street
Phone: (0370) 93115, 9321

Atithi Sanggraha Hotel
Batu Layar
Phone: (0370) 93070

Graha Beach Hotel
Raya Senggigi Street
Phone: (0370) 93401

Holiday Inn Resort
Raya Mangsit Senggigi Street, West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 93444

Senggigi Aerowisata Hotel
Raya Senggigi Street, km. 13 West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 93210

Bukit Senggigi Hotel
Raya Senggigi Street km. 13, West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 93173

Dharma Hotel
Raya Senggigi Street, West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 93050

Puri Bunga Beach Cottages
Raya Senggigi Streeet, West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 93013

Sheraton Senggigi Beach Hotel
Raya Senggigi Street
Phone: (0370) 93333

Senggigi Palace Hotel
Raya Senggigi Street
Phone: (0370) 93045

Melati Dua Cottage
Senggigi Beach
Phone: (0370) 93013, 93288

Hilberon Hotel
Raya Senggigi Street, Setangi Village, West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 93898

Puri Saron Hotel
Raya Kerandangan Street, Semnggigi West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 93424

Rinjani Country Club Hotel
Golong, Peresak Village, Narmada, West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 33488

Suranadi Hotel
Raya Suranadi Street I, West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 33686

Bukit Indah Pondok
Gili Trawangan, West Lombok
Phone: (0370) 32424


Lombok Raya Hotel
Panca Usaha Street 11, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 32305

Sahid Legi Mataram Hotel
Sriwijaya Street 81, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 36282

Granada Hotel
Bung karno Street, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 36015

Nitour Hotel
Yos Sudarso Street 4, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 36015

Kertayoga Hotel
Ejanggik Street 64, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 21775

Kamboja Hotel
Pancawarga Street 10, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 32211

Graha Ayu Hotel
Ismail Marzuki Street, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 35697

Handika Hotel
Panca Usaha Street 3, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 33578

Pusaka Hotel
Sultan Hasanudin Street 23, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 33119

Selaparang Hotel
Pejanggir Street 42, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 33235

Astiti Hotel
Panca Usaha Street, Pendem Cakranegara, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 33676

Ayu Hotel
Nursiawan Street 24, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 21761

Buana Mas Losmen
Brawijaya Street 18, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 25360

Cakrajaya Hotel
Tenun Street1, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 23480

Chandra Hotel & Restauran
Catur Warga Street 55, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 23979

Horas Hotel
Koperasi Street 62, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 31695

Adiguna Hotel Melati
Nursiawan Street 9, Mataram
Phone: (0370) 25946

Latest News

Lombok Reisen Tour & Travel

Lombok Reisen Tour & Travel Update Daily Lombok Tours, Bali Tours and Sightseeing, Komodo Island Tour, East Java Tours, Supported online Booking system with Instant Confirmation. In Lombok you will find a variety of different things to do for fun such as Mount Rinjani Trekking. At 3,726m, Rinjani is the highest mountain in this island. It is a volcano that is active. It is a very popular place for hikers and treks. The northeastern side of the caldera has hot springs which have been thought to have powers that are…

Gili Kondo, East Lombok

Gili Bagek / Gili Kondo is a small island that located in the Water of Sambelia District (50km north of the city Selong) and it can be reached via Transat beach in Sambelia District (about 25 minutes) and Kayangan Labuhan Lombok harbor (about 45 minutes). Gili Kondo is administratively located in East Lombok, and in advance this island is managed by Perama Tour and it such quite island. At this 20 ha island, which also part of 33 gili or islands in East Lombok, at several times in a week…

Rinjani Mountain National Park, West Nusa Tenggara

Gunung Rinjani National Park is located on the island of Lombok, Indonesia in the North Lombok Regency. The park covers about 41,330 hectares and consists of mountainous areas. Mount Rinjani (Gunung Rinjani), which is the third highest mountain of Indonesia (3,726 m), is located in this national park, giving this park its name. Some of endangered plants are protected in this national park, such as: Pterospermum javanicum, Swietenia macrophylla, Ficus superba, Toona sureni, Vanda sp., Usnea sp and Anaphalis sp. There are also several endangered fauna protected in this national…

The Enchanting Sumbawa

Sumbawa Sumbawa is one of regencies in Province of West Nusa Tenggara. It is located on the island of Sumbawa and the capital is Sumbawa Besar. Sumbawa is located in the middle of the Lesser Sunda Islands chain, with Lombok to the west, Flores to the east, and Sumba further to the southeast. According to the history, it said that four principalities in western Sumbawa were dependencies of the Majapahit Empire of eastern Java. Because of Sumbawa’s natural resources it was regularly invaded by outside forces – Japanese, Dutch, Makassarese.…

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